Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tips to Reduce Your Appetite and Feel Fuller on Less

by Candida Martinelli

  1. Replace your dishes with smaller dishes. This is both a psychological trick and a practical one: you still feel like you have a full plate of food, but you fit less food on a smaller plate.
  2. Drink a large glass of water (bubbly water fills you up more) before you sit down to eat.
  3. Try not to drink during the meal, which can make you eat more.
  4. Spice up your food. It's no coincidence that the spiciest food comes from the poorest areas of the world, where they have to feel fuller on less. Spicy foods make you feel fuller. If you can't eat spicy foods, settle for more flavorful foods. Strong flavors satisfy the taste buds, which signal to the appetite that it's being satisfied. Use plenty of herbs and non-hot spices, salt or salt substitutes, onions and garlic.
  5. Eat slowly. This is a common suggestion, but it rarely comes with practical tips on how to do it, other than to force yourself to chew a certain number of times before swallowing. People sitting around a table counting their chomps is a big dampener on table conversation, to say the least. So here are two practical suggestions: reverse your eating hand (right to left, left to right) but be careful not to put the fork through your cheek (!), and put on some soothing music to accompany the meal.
  6. Serve up your plate with the correct portions. Do not place platters of food on the table.
  7. Decide what quantity each person should eat, and serve it up in the kitchen. If people object, ask them to think of it this way: platters of tempting food on the table is cruel for those who can't permit themselves to eat much.
  8. Check the proportions of your food: vegetables should take up more space on your plate than your main protein or starch source. Vegetables have high nutritional value, low calories, and they can make you feel fuller than protein or starches. They're bulky, full of fiber and water, a combination that makes you feel full.
  9. Restrict yourself to only one dessert a week. Not so long ago, dessert was a Sunday treat. That's a good tradition to recover. If you crave sweets at the end of a meal, try nature's candy: fruit. A dish of fresh grapes, or peaches, or strawberries, or watermelon, for example, is just as satisfying to the sweet-tooth as high-fat and high-calorie desserts.
  10. Set a nice table. When a meal feels special, even if the quantity is small, the experience is more satisfying. Use place mats or under-plates or a table-cloth. Decorate the table with fresh flowers or candles. Use special tableware and glassware for the most humble meal, even when you eat alone. If you can't pamper yourself with an abundance of food, pamper yourself with all the other aspects of the meal. And that includes good company and good conversation!

Suka aku baca article-article yang menaikkan semangat kurus aku!! heh heh... semoga memberi pengajaran dan pelajaran...

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