Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rebound ke?? kih kih kih....

What is the first thing you want to do upon breaking up with someone ehh???? especially if you’re the one who got dumped.. lol mcm aku je tuh mmmmm wakakaka!

Ni haa 5 tell-tale signs of someone on the rebound laa.. mm betul or not.. let's check this out!:
1. Orang tu selalunya appear to be happy, and kekadang too happy, and macam enjoy sangat & tak nampak sedih when out with friends. However when they find themselves alone, that’s when they let their guards down and mope.. They reminisce the times they had with their ex and what could have been... dat's true lah i guess huhuuuuu haha.. dulu lah!
2. Others can be quite needy. I’m sure korang ada kawan who would call you non-stop wanting to know how you are, when all they really want is to feel connected to someone, specially a friend who cares.
3. Or they may call you about some thing or other and then suddenly the conversation steers towards their ex... mmm It’s a case of wanting to relive their recent past relationship. dorang wat macam ni coz dorang still harap that by talking about it, it may actually help resurrect the relationship... lah kot??
4. Another sign can be someone who won’t stop bashing their ex, or perhaps would start generalising by saying, “All men are bastards,” (ooops.. mmmm) or that, “All women are bitches.” They are so deeply hurting that they need to lash out. The scary thing is if they’re in a new relationship, they’d end this tirade with, “But of course you’re different, honey.” Beware!
5. Ha, yang nih lain macam sikit... orang yang rebound choose to be in a relationship with someone who is so different from their ‘type’.. ye ker?? Family and friends, yang kenal benar orang yg tengah rebound ni will be able to spot this easily laaa. They purposely do this because they have a need to be safe - because they think that by choosing someone different from their last relationship, they can prevent themselves from getting hurt, though the person they are with now is not someone they are passionate about... hmmm biasa nya kalau orang lelaki, dorang akan pilih someone less intelligent, less beautiful and accomplished. kalau girls plakk may pick someone who is not as head strong, less attractive and easily manipulated...???? hahahaha entah laaa.... They may even choose someone who is easy for them to leave, or should that person decided to dump them, they couldn’t care less.... hiskk bagi aku ni orang yang betul2 keciwa nih...

Apa nak buat kalau tengah rebound??? nak wat per lagi?? wat tak tahu jer lah... and for me?? i don't care & just let it be mmmm let's continue later...

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